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Welcome message from the President of MGHSOGA - JOYCE NEWLAND-ZUBAIRU

Greetings, It is an honor and a privilege to accept the bat-ton and serve as your president for the 2022/2024 term. As I look back and reflect on past leaders and all those who served before me, I am grateful.

As we honor our history and traditions while glimpsing at the future of MGHS with confidence and hope, let us reflect on the great leaders and the traditions that have brought us to this point.

I have the singular privilege of becoming part of our history while forging a path to our future. I acknowledge the presidency of this association with deep gratitude. You have entrusted me with this leadership role and I embrace it with eagerness.

It is with anticipation, as your president, that I look forward to all that lies ahead. I am looking forward to continuing with positive changes in the preservation efforts of the Methodist Girls' High School Old Girls' Association, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Branch (MGHSOGA-WMB). This takes a lot of work and your participation is most welcome.

Please do not hesitate to let us know where your interests lie. Areas in which we could desperately use your help are in grant writing, fund raising, preservation, and involvement with student service projects. The proprietors,board members, and all MGHSOGA diaspora association is looking forward to your support.

As president, I am committed to leading Methodist Girls' High School Old Girls' Association, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Branch (MGHSOGA-WMB) with vision, integrity, and courage. I vow to protect and polish this as our precious jewel.

Let us now move forward together with determination and turn dreams into reality.

As another chapter begins for 2022-2024, there will be many expected and unexpected challenges. We are ready and willing to face these and may be calling upon you for your help. Looking forward to a successful and satisfying year.

I echo the words of my predecessor, Mrs. Eugenia During who welcomed the MGHS Alumnae who have not yet joined to the association and encouraged all past and present members to “share their experience, views and expertise that will help to enhance the Mission and Vision of the association”.

Fellow alumnae, let us join forces to preserve the excellence as we become a more powerful unit working together to serve our beloved alma mater and the lives of the girls at Methodist Girls' High School, Wilberforce, Freetown Sierra Leone.

Thanks for allowing me to serve you and I look forward to the amazing year ahead!



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