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Methodist Girls High School Old Girls Association Washington Metropolitan Branch (MGHSOGA-WMB), is a nonprofit Section 501(c) 3 entity. Your donation may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal or State income tax purposes. 

For children worldwide, education is the " gate way" and key to breaking free from poverty. Please donate to help in making a difference in the lives of many especially, children.


Donating online is the fastest, easiest way to join Education and Projects for MGHSOGA-WMB mission and help a child. Your financial support allows us to keep doing what we do: Promoting education in Africa as a pathway out of poverty and toward better well-being. So, please start a child on their way to becoming a doctor, a lawyer, Engineer, Nurse, Teacher, etc.  Every contribution that you make brings hope to a child in Sierra Leone and breaks the cycle of poverty and despair. All it takes is the click of a mouse.


All it takes is one donation today to start something that will last a lifetime.

Making a donation once per month is a great way to provide consistent support.

We'd be honored to receive a donation in honor of a special someone or occasion.


Need help deciding how much to give? We'll show you what each donation provides.             

A $10,000 gift will help build a classroom to accommodate our overcrowded classrooms and eliminate A 2 shift school.

A $5,000 gift will help rebuild our schools in Freetown, Sierra Leone

A $1,000 gift will buy 100 prescribed textbooks.

A $500 gift will buy 20 tables and 20 chairs for our classrooms.

A $100 gift will provide a yearly school uniform, shoes, beret, uniform accessories supplies for a child.

A $50 gift will cover the cost of providing a backpack filled with school supplies for a child.

A $35 gift will cover our operational expenses.

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